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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Weekly Recap 8/7-8/13

Sluggish start but a nice finish! This was back to work week for me. I had been doing training and working in my classroom but the kiddos were back in the building on Wednesday so that is when you are exhausted at the end of the day!

Sunday- Just Shred since I was a little sore from 16 the previous day
Monday- NO TIME : ( I had opening day, orientation and a blister (excuses, excuses, excuses)
Tuesday- 5 miles; 2 mile warm up (18 minutes) and 3.1 in 22:30
Wednesday- 4 mile run 35:30 and Shred 2
Thursday- 5 mile run (3 mile easy and 2 mile speed work)
Friday- off
Saturday- I did a local favorite 5K! 22:55!

I am happy with the 5K since I met 2 of my goals; sub 23 mins and a 7:30 or better average (it was 7:26 BUT I sort of wanted a 22:30 : ) Might have to find another one to do once the every Saturday long runs are off the schedule. Not sure when that will be.

I will be running my 18 miler on Sunday this week so I don't have a long run recap. I am HOPING to run 12 alone and find someone fast to come push me for the last 6 miles. Any takers?? I just wanted to keep close to a 9 minute mile so I can see how realistic a sub 4 marathon in. I wanted to be sub 4 hours in Erie but have a feeling it will be close but not hardly there. Perhaps West Virginia in November will be where it is at!

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