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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Weekly Recap for 8/14-8/20

This week did not go as usual since I had my long run on Sunday so lets start with 18 mile run #1.

Sunday - 18 miles at 9:13 pace (2:45:00) By myself : )
Monday- rest; sore from the 18 miler
Tuesday - 5 mile run - 43:35
Wednesday- 1 mile run and Shred 1; super tired from work
Thursday - distance unknown, perhaps 5 miles but I did some crazy hills!
Friday- rest
Saturday - 18 miles (or not) I had some mysterious pain in my left hip and I kept trying to stretch it out but at mile 10 I decided to be a smart girl and call Scott to come get me. I was knocking out a 9:00 minute average too : ( I think Thursday's hills got to me because it did not hurt anymore and I was able to run tonight (Monday) with no pain

Going back to work is killing my work outs! I am dead tired at night and my feet are sore from being on my feet all day. I am vowing to have 2 more great weeks and then it will be time to taper for the big trip to Pennsylvania.

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  1. LOL!! My girl works for the schools and today is their first day back, she whined all day yesterday how rough it will be.